ShredMind and Surmont – The Bike Store are taking you out for a ride!

For every bike you buy from our product range, Surmont – The Bike Store offers you a Ride-With-Us voucher that will enable you to a free ride with us. Bring your friends! prices are affordable.


The trail will be chosen together depending on the group level and experience. It doesn’t matter that you prefer cross-country or enduro, rest assured that we will find the right track for you. Our favorite trails are in located in Sinaia, Azuga, Ciucas and Postavaru but we are open for other suggestions as long as we keep on the two main profiles: endurace and gravity.


Riding trails suggestions


Do you remember Surmont MTB marathons? No? We will remind you or introduce you to the  scoping backcountry lines in the forest’s shade on a hot summer day or if you’d like to ripe downhill tracks, Azuga has everything you need: car cables and great trails.



It will be a full day of riding. We will combine artificial elements at the local dirt jumps with the natural backcountry lines from Bucegi mountains. As a warm-up, we will take 2 rides with the cable car and then a long downhill descent from the Bucegi plateau,  from 2000m.



Show us what you’re made of! Three enduro trails will test your riding abilities. The unique karst formations and the breathtaking views will energise you better than a power bar and will charge your batteries for another run.



The mountain that during wintertime is calling us for snowboarding is welcoming us with some on the best single-trails from Romania. A full day of ripping downhill descents will pass everything what this mountain can offer: steep valleys, spruce forest, rock gardens, roots,, speed lines and will end with a glorious beer in the city center of Brasov or a tasty ice cream.


You’ll be riding with one of the following certified mountain guides:

  • Marius Stratila – M.I.A.S MTB Leader Certified

  • Tiberiu Macaveiu


Compulsory Individual Gear:

  • MTB/DH bike

  • Bike helmet (A two-piece helmet (with removable jaw piece) will be accepted as a full face helmet)

  • Eye protection (glasses or goggles)

  • Gloves

  • Specific body protection in accordance with the chosen track (for gravitational rides).

  • Suitable backpack

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Inner tubes/ puncture repair kit (extra bike tube is recommended even if you have tubeless tires)

  • Multi tool

  • Basic, well maintained first aid kit

  • Appropriate Food and water



A trip will be organized for at least 4 riders group. The departures are set a 9 AM depending of the location chosen: Sinaia, Azuga, Ciucas, Postavaru. The span of a ride will depend on the group’s energy and wishes till 6 PM.


Package Offer

Our offers are customizable depending on the group’s requests:

  • We are open to go in different locations other than we suggest (Sinaia, Azuga, Ciucas, Postavaru)

  • We can also organize trips spanning multiple days.


For more details please use contact bellow:

  • 0040 758 439 709 Marius


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