Tenerife Surfing Trails Combo

Tenerife trails surfing combo

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8 days
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Thrills for the Adventurous

There is all year round ideal conditions on the “Island of Eternal Spring” for an unforgettable bike holiday.

Dreamlike freeride-opportunities in the different vulcanic & tropical scenic regions of the island will provide an unique and incredible experience with everything from mtb descending on the volcanic black lava ash, endlessly long and technical descents

Tour type

Guided enduro mountain bike tours & surf discovery experience in Tenerife. Off season gravity MTB riding in perfect temperature conditions, 18-25°C


8 days / 7 nights – custom requests departures

Bike equipment

Bikes are not included. We recommend a full suspension all-mountain or enduro model (140-160mm travel) bike, which must be in perfect working order. Helmet, knee-pads and elbow pads are mandatory for this tour and we also recommend a backpack with protection. Before departure, a list of necessary equipment and clothing will be sent to all participants

Technical & activity level

Enjoy some of the best high altitude mountain bike trails, descending on vulcano slopes right down to some of the best surfing beaches of the Canarian islands! You will have an unforgetable trails & waves combined surfing experience! The guided tours will test your endurance and strength as they will be held on technically demanding and hazardous trails with steep descents. A good fitness level is required along with intermediate to advanced mountain bike riding skills. Due to the increased difficulty you should cover yourself with an international Sports Travel Insurance. If you fit the above profile, you’ll definitely qualify for your surfing discovery experience. Taught by local professional surfers with years of experience and amazing teaching skills, our team will take you to the best beaches around the island depending on the waves conditions, guiding you all the way through the surfing theory and practice until you will catch your first wave!

Surf equipment

Full surf equipment is included in the package: beginners’ surf boards (soft-top), leashes, long / shorty wetsuits, wetsuits boots but make sure you pack your enthusiasm.


Tenerife combo – Surf & Enduro MTB
5+ People

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Local professional mountain bike guides and surf instructors services.
  • Uphill bike shuttle included
  • For each group of 5 you have a rented car included
  • 5 days enduro mtb riding combined with 3 evenings surfing lessons
  • 1 local attraction trip included
  • Surf equipment: surf boards (soft-top), leashes, long / shorty neopren, wetsuits boots
  • Shuttles from and to your hotel
  • Transfer from and to the airport on the first day and the last of your holiday
  • English, German, Spanish speaking guides


Daily schedule

Day 1 – Arrival day

Meet your guides at the airport. Transfer by car to the house that will be our headquarters for the rest of the trip. This will be a first day to get acquainted with the area and the itinerary. Get a good night rest before we start a week full of good lines and waves.

Day 2 – “Colorado Mountains”

Our favorite tour as “warm up” and getting to know each other. Even the locals like to start their downhills from the starting point at 2000 m altitude down to the sea in the sunny south of Tenerife. After the shuttle up, we start with a short uphill to warm up and acclimatize to the thinner air, and we will reach the “Retamares” route. In the first sections we improve our cornering skills on wide, partly eroded slopes, where you have to make the right “choice of line”. Afterwards we continue descending through loose lava gravel and steep descends before a short “carrying passage” invites to rest.Our strength and focus will be tested by 3 long and challenging singletrails,  “Pipeline”, “Rockgarden” and “ Eagle Pass”, all the way down to the beach of Las Americas.  Strength and endurance are required on this day and is a good preparation for the next ones.  Once at the beach we can jump in the water for a cool down. Afterwards we will have lunch and some downtime to chill, then initiate the surf session. Depending on our levels of preparation we will create a few small groups to enjoy the water and the swell on our own pace. Late afternoon return to our headquarters for dinner and overnight accommodation. Difficulty S0 – S1 with S2 sections.


Day 3 – Chasna Trails

After a short uphill to warm up, we get used to the loose and rocky surface of different volcanic rocks on the “Vilaflor Loop“ in a fantastic landscape. On the wide forest road with a slight slope we strengthen the correct cornering, difficult braking manoeuvres and steep descents. Never forget the saying “speed means safety” and let’s bring some fun to the ride. Once we find confidence in the bike and our own riding skills, we can deal with the “Teatime“ Trail. A technical and varied singletrail, which again demands all abilities on some key points, but it is also rewarding with a lot of biking pleasures. After refreshments in a local bar, we rock the local bike park “Los Cardones” with shaped curves, doubles and Northshores before cruising down to the beach of El Medano . After lunch we will head back to the Medano beach for the surf session. It’s the perfect time to clean some of the dust from the trail and use some different muscles for a change. Difficulty S0 – S1 with S2 sections. Afterwards return to the house for overnight accommodation.

Day 4 – „Hard Rock´n´Roll” on Camino Reales

Today we will ride on the historic pilgrim trails of the canaries natives. The so– called “Camino Reales” consist of natural paving stones, nature stone walls, rough passages on solid rock plateaus and loose volcanic gravel and offer a lot of variety with technical challenges. In this steep natural terrain we will learn to maintain the concentration and ensure a “good line choice”.Trails like “El Guanche”, “El Roque”, “Sentinel” and “Te Quiero” or “Aldea Blanca” will be tiring our arms and definitely using our bikes’ suspensions. From the starting point at 1600m we cycle down to the picturesque bay of Costa del Silencio into a “Chiringuito” to enjoy the best Mojito of the island and to swim in the Atlantic.
After lunch the shuttle will pick us up and take us back to the house. We will have an afternoon to relax by the pool. Because late afternoon will experience one of Tenerife’s best feature, included in the trip cost package. We will head to the Parque Nacional del Teide to do some sky watching . The park is an out of this world natural reservation with its martian look and one of the clearest skies one can find in the world. There is no surprise that the biggest telescopes in the world, “Gran Telescopio Canarias”, is here on the neighbor island of La Palma. Our very own astronomy-expert will be eager to help you learn your way around the night sky: casual, relaxing stargazing, naming the constellations, how to use the star charts. Late afternoon return to the house for overnight accommodation. Difficulty S1 – S2+.

Day 5 – „Joyride”

This is the day of the best singletrails of the South in one endless Enduro tour. Today we ride through nice shaped curves and wallrides, train ourselves in small jumps and drops of Northshore elements and explore new Caminos Reales. And all this on constantly changing surfaces and landscapes. But a good tour also includes the numerous, short and steep uphills which particularly demands our fitness and endurance. There is almost “Bike Park” feeling on the partially shaped downhill tracks of the Locals. The high percentage on off-road trails as “Area61“, “Flowtrail“, “Blackwood“, “T-Line“, “Altavista Caminos“ and “Camel Ride“ lets you experience the greatest flow and fun factor. From the starting point above Vilaflor we ride almost exclusively on trails to the South and as a grand finale we cruise on the “Coast Trail” to the beach of Las Galletas.  For the afternoon we return to the beach for our last surf day. It’s a good time to see what we’ve learned and enjoy the waves. Return home for overnight accommodation. Difficulty S1 – S2 with S3 sections.

Day 6 – „Izaña“ Epic Ride

Today is the highlight of our bike week and the absolute Epic Ride of the island as a reward for the effort of the last few days. A continuous descent on off-road tracks from the solar observatory at 2330m, down to the south. The unique scenery of the Teide-National Park does the rest. From the highest possible starting point for a bike tour on Tenerife we leave the Teide behind us and cycle down to the sea. Demanding dirt roads and technical singletracks will be challenging our endurance and concentration. An Enduro tour with “carrying passage” through a “barranco” and varied landscape. The highlight of the day is the never ending “Gambler” Trail! We continue with cruising to El Medano on „Desierto“ Trails before we can recover at a beach bar and stretch our legs after more than 5 hours tour.  Return to the house for overnight accommodation. Difficulty S1 – S2.

Day 7 – Optional trip day

Starting very early in the morning we will hike about 3 hours on El Teide Volcano, 3718m, the highest peak in Spain. Our reward will be an amazing sunrise over the neighbor islands and the Atlantic. This is not a very difficult route and the hike through the volcanic rock will transpose us in a different world. The perfect day to channel our energy to get a new perspective over the island. In case the weather forecast looks cloudy, than we will do an amazing boat trip at Los Gigantes to check the giant rock formations that rise from the sea to a height of 500-800 meters and for a dolphins, or even whale watching experience in the marine reservation. Prepare to spend around 30 euro for the boat trip. Return to the house for overnight accommodation.

Day 8 – Departure day

Transfer to the airport. Time to say goodbye and think about our next ShredMind adventure.

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Meet your guides

Marius Strătilă

Mountain Guide & MIAS Mountain Bike Leader

“Enduro mountain biking is a part of me and define who I am. It’s more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover. That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.”

Tiberiu Balica

Surf & SUP Instructor

“Hey, my name is Tiberiu Balica and I’m from Bucharest, Romania. I’m 34 years old and I’ve gave up the confort of home to ride the best waves. My year looks like this: October to November I’m in Tenerife, Spain, January and February in Indonesia, from February to April I move to Ecuador and then to Peru. I return to Romania by the end of August, and in September I leave for Portugal.”


Explroe Tenerife!

Playa de Las Américas’ with it’s perfect arranged green waves attract hordes of surf worshippers, while nearby El Medano is one of the world’s best windsurfing – kitesurfing locations, with three different surfing spots: the Bay (flat/swell), the Harbour Wall (wavespot sideshore), and Cabezo Beach (wavespot onshore). Marvel at the incredible panoramas where weather conditions are always perfect for surfing! The team will guide you all the way through until you catch your first wave!
Taganana, a disperse little village is surrounded by virgin beaches and rock formations rising out of the sea just off the coast. True to the Canary island’s traditional customs and architecture, with white walls of the houses standing out brightly amidst the deep green mountains, Taganana is reached from Santa Cruz along a windy road, or alternatively from La Laguna through the laurel forests.

“Our guide Marius was excellent both in guiding and giving riding tips. He provided a wonderful excursion up into the Carpathian mountains. We went higher than I thought I could ride, and his instructions improved my mountain biking skills, both climbing and descending. What a lovely trip we had! Thank you and I highly recommend this tour. ”

Portland, Oregon USA

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