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For a lot of years, we have gained more experience organising tour trips around the world than other local rafting company.

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We are fully committed to your safety.

World's Best Guides

Our guides are true adventurers.

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before.

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Enjoy a full guided, catered camping with delicious meals. Come and join the thrill and excitement of surfing or snowboarding!

10 days



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10 days



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7 days

Sardinia Enduro Experience

Sardinia Enduro Experience…

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1 week

Carpathian enduro experience No. 1

Support van & cable assisted

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8 days

Tenerife trails surfing combo

Tenerife trails surfing…

17 APRIL - 1 MAY 2017

Discover, Connect & Reinvent in Peru

Discover, Connect & Reinvent in Peru

7 Days

Carpathian Splitboard Experience

Discover some of the winter trails in the Romanian Carpathian mountains together with specialized mountain guides.


What's Included

Enjoy a full guided tour, catered camping with delicious guide-prepared meals. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna.

Free Shuttle

Shuttle to and from key locations. Store your belongings safely

Expert Training

1 hour safety training with expert guides


Homemade breakfast

Photos & videos

After your tour, you'll still remember how