Sardinian Enduro MTB Tour

Sardinian Enduro MTB Tour

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shuttle asisted
8 days
accommodation included

Riding the world

Tour type

Guided tour. Enduro Bike

Closest airport



8 days / 7 nights
Departures: any date for custom tours

Technical & activity level

We suggest this tour to bikers with atletic intermediate to advanced technical skills. Some tracks are challenging, with steeper and rocky stretches. Most of the uphills are shuttle assisted, nevertheless riders should be good shape to properly enjoy the tour.

Bike and equipment

The ideal bike is a full suspension all-mountain / enduro model (140-160mm travel) in perfect working order, helmet and knee-pads are mandatory for this tour and we also recommend a backpack with a back protection.
Before departure, a list of necessary equipment and clothing will be sent to all participants.


Mountain bike guided tour
6+ persons

  • Support Van & 165km x 7750m (elevation gain) of assisted uphills;
  • Services of professional mountain bike guides;
  • Luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation;
  • 7 nights accomodation in selected hotels, 7 breakfast, 1 lunch, 4 dinners
  • Transfer from and to Alghero airport on day one and eight;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Sales tax (22%)
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Transfer from and to the airport on day one and seven (for compact groups)
  • Camp T-Shirt


Daily schedule

Day 1 – Arrival at Alghero

Welcome In Sardinia! Meeting at the airport and transfer to accommodation. Introductions with the guides and tour presentation. In the afternoon, after assembling, fitting and checking all bikes we will have a short test ride in order to visit the Alghero old city centre.

Day 2 – Time to start with Alghero bike riding

Today we warm up our legs with an easy riding along the wonderful paths in Porto Conte Natural Park. We will visit some W.W.II fortress on the stunning cliff of Punta Giglio and will end our riding in one of the most enchanting beach of the area for a refreshing swim. Total distance: 30 km. Elevation gain 390 m, descent 390 m; No assisted uphills. Optional, in the afternoon, we have a car trip to Capo Caccia & the “Grotte di Nettuno” cave vertiginous 656 steps staircase, the “Escala del Cabirol” that connects the cave entrance at the sea level with a pedestrian access on the top of the cliff, or evening Stand Up Paddle board riding on the Alghero beach coast.

Day 3 – Nuoro enduro bike park riding

After a good breakfast we’ll reach (by a 2 hours car transfer) an enduro bike park close to Nuoro, a wide net of natural and man-made trails. We’ll start to break loose on some beautiful partially worked trails scattered into the woods, alternating panoramic views to pedalling uphill with the bonus of a comfortable car shuttle services. Duration 4/5 hours. Total distance 36 km; Riding 14 km, 150 m elevation gain, -1430 m descent; Assisted up-hills: 22 km x 1350 m of elevation gain; Duration 4/5 hours. In the evening we’ll arrive by car to our accommodation in Dorgali.

Day 4 – Siniscola freeride

Highlights: the goats’ shepherds paths in Montalbo mountain and the beaches around Capo Comino. Today we move toward the coast to face the Montalbo trails that run along a long massive limestone mountain near Siniscola flat lands. We are going to use the shuttle service again in order to cut time and reach quickly the starting point. We will ride the trails more than once so that you can enjoy the riding but at the same time to give you a chance to admire your surroundings, such as the peaks of the mountain and the turquoise bays along the shore. In the second half of the day we move towards the sea to cover a beautiful trail near the coast to Cape Comino and its emerald waters, where we can have a refreshing swim. Total distance 55 km; Riding 17 km, 150 m of elevation gain, – 1570 m descent; Assisted up-hills: 38 km x 2320 m of elevation gain; Duration 5/6 hours. Overnight at our accommodation in Dorgali.

Day 5 – Freeride in Gorroppu Canyon

Highlights: easy trekking in Gorroppu, a swim in the natural pools of Flumineddu river. Today we are going to explore the trails leading to the famous canyon of Gorroppu, the deepest one in Europe. Thanks to the support van we’ll be able to cover these beautiful tracks more than once! Gorroppu canyon is a wonderful place to relax and we’ll continue the gorge exploration in an easy trekking along the Flumineddu river. Finally, at the end of the day, a regenerating swim in a nice natural pool of the river! Total distance 56 km; Riding 20 km, 200 m of elevation gain, -1750 m descent; Assisted up-hills: 36 km x 1830 m of elevation gain; Duration 6/7 hours.

Day 6 – Cala Sisine freeride

Highlights: the unspoiled landscape of the Supramonte, the stunning freeride paths overlooking the sea, the turquoise waters of Cala Sisine. Today, after a 1 hour transfer towards Baunei we’ll ride downhill along the most beautiful trail of Sardinia, leading us towards the enchanting beach of Cala Sisine. Crossing some very wild countryside will end up facing an incredible single track: a sheer cliff overlooking the sea leads us to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. To celebrate this perfect day of freeride we end the excursion with a cruise by boat from Cala Sisine to the small harbour of Santa Maria Navarrese. Overnight in Baunei. Total distance 50 km; Riding 22 km, 300 m of elevation gain, -1040 m descent; Assisted up-hills: 28 km x 750 m of elevation gain; Duration 7/8 hours.

Day 7 – Baunei enduro bike park riding

Ok, let’s complete our riding days with an icing on the cake: the natural enduro bike park of Baunei. Set in a gorgeous valley, it offers a good variety of trails, where technical sections with easy jumps, rock gardens and drops alternate more flowing parts, all surrounded by a lush vegetation. Once satisfied our riding desire we could explore the surroundings, where we will find perfect spots to take great photos. Back in Baunei we pack our bikes and we get ready for an unforgettable Sardinian dinner of farewell. Total distance 62 km; Riding 21 km, 270 m of elevation gain, -1690 descent; Assisted uphills: 41 km x 1500 m of elevation gain; Duration 4/5 hours.

Day 8 – Back to Alghero airport

End of the tour, arrivederci!

After a good breakfast we will take you to the Airport, say good bye or better arrivederci (see you again) bid you farewell with the hope to see you again soon!

*We reserve the right to make modifications or substitutions to the itinerary as weather or terrain dictate or as essential to improve the safety or to accommodate the comfort and enjoyment of participants.

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Meet your guides

Stratila Marius

Mountain Guide & ISIA Snowboard Instructor

“Splitboarding and enduro biking are part of me, they define who I am. For me, they are more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover. That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides and fresh turns, no matter what season is out there – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.”

Francesco Mura

Mountain Bike Guide and Instructor

“I caught the cycling bug at a very early age riding with my brothers near my childhood home. Those endless spring days of careless riding left me hooked and from a long time I have been an all around lover of outdoor activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, biking and cycling.
Being a Marine biologist in my daily life I strive to cultivate my love for travel, cycling, nature and the sea; sometimes I do a lot of field work and immersions, so, if I don’t answer your call right away, I have a pretty good excuse for that!”

Roberto Tedde

Local Mountain Bike Guide

“I was Born 32 years ago from Sardinian father and Canadian mother. Since I was boy, I followed up my passion for dynamic sports and outdoor activities like Surfing”


Sardinia is not only about summer tourists!

Far from the crowded resorts and the hustle of tourists starving for sun and waves, the mountains are full of tracks, from easy trails with amazing views to technical trails with tricky jumps. Its gravity mountain bike community is so well shaped that it even accommodates around 8 enduro and 5 downhill competitions per year.

The shore tracks are anything but flat. The mixed terrain, the rock garden, the rhythm breaks, the succession of ups and downs will take out the best of you. But in the same time they will give you the chance to admire the surroundings, the turquoise bays and the smiles of your mates when they are plunging into the sea.

“Mercì pour tout l’efficacité, la compétence, la sérieuse, le talent, la patience et…. la gentilesse!

“Our guide Marius was excellent both in guiding and giving riding tips. He provided a wonderful excursion up into the Carpathian mountains. We went higher than I thought I could ride, and his instructions improved my mountain biking skills, both climbing and descending. What a lovely trip we had! Thank you and I highly recommend this tour. ”

Portland, Oregon USA

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