Exploring Sardinia with ShredMind

   Sardinia is not only about summer tourists! Far from the crowded resorts and the hustle of tourists starving for sun and waves, the mountains are full of tracks, from easy trails with amazing views to technical trails with tricky jumps. Its gravity mountain bike community is so well shaped that it even accommodates around 8 enduro and 5 downhill competitions per year. 
 It’s so important to be in shape. So, after we landed we decided to start the day with a light trip, a scenic ride. Spring is the right time for this, with all flowers in bloom and optimum temperatures for riding.
 The shore tracks are anything but flat. The mixed terrain, the rock garden, the rhythm breaks, the succession of ups and downs will take out the best of you. But in the same time they will give you the chance to admire the surroundings, the turquoise bays and the smiles of your mates when they are plunging into the sea.
Either you like flow lines and speed or jumps, you can take your pick. You only need a camera to shoot you in your right moment and there’s the proof you’re a good rider. Ha!
 Single trails are not by a long shot going alone for the ride. There’s room for everyone and friends are first to come. Friends and stones.
To smile is also ShredMind 🙂


8  The icing on the cake comes after you just shortly turned right and you discover on your left the turquoise bay that the guide talked about all morning. And now it’s lunch time.


One of the best runs is in the bike park, on a track where an enduro competition was about to take place on the following weekend. Therefore, the technical part, the kickers and the rock garden were already in place.
 thumb_IMG_5751_1024 ShredMind program offers you the taste of everything this island has to offer, from mountain bike enduro to SUP. Before flying back home, a sunbathe and a stand-up paddleboard session are more than welcome.
 DSC_0814 After a day full of riding, the Gorropu canyon is an excellent place to relax. If you get to pass by, you will understand why it’s also named Europe’s Grand Canyon.
Neptune’s Grotto is highly impressive. With huge walls and many stairs, you tend to forget that you’re on an island, but on a giants’ land.


 Nuraghe is the symbol of Sardinia. There are old constructions, the first being certified between 1800 (Bronz Age), to 1000 (Iron Age) B.C. Their functioning is still on debates, regarding their religious or defensive role. Nevertheless, the impressive fact is that the cold air, the quietness and the shadows inside take you back many many years ago.
A Sardinian picnic on one of the hidden beaches, or a scenic ride will complete your holiday by feeding all your senses. Friends and exotic colours go perfect together. Seasoned with a bit of sun, it will all turn in fun :). 
Best Trails, Best Locations, Secret Spots, Tasty local food & drinks, that’s ShredMind!
  We had a wonderful week in Sardinia, we rode our bikes day in and day out, and we did all this without knowing how much kilometers we’ve covered everyday, or how much meters we’ve climbed on bikes, or with the shuttle. All that mattered was enjoying the ride in breathtaking scenery and spending good times with our friends!
ShredMind activists riding this trip where Marius Stratila, Roberto Tedde, Bogdan Marin, Francesco Mura, Tiberiu Macaveiu and local guides Giovanni Serra, Paolo Melino and Luigi Sottocoppia
Thanks to ION Bike Romania & ION Bike Italy!
 Photo credits: Marco Ceraglia, Tiberiu Macaveiu, Davide Tola

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